Monday, October 05, 2009

The Hossan Leong Show

We saw the show over the weekend. I had been eagerly anticipating this, since it was written by Benjamin Lee, who I think blogs well.

Well, first impressions of the Drama Centre were great. There looked as if effort had been put into the set design and creation, we had great front-row seats and they had given us a plastic bag of goodies, which included a clapper. =)

And then it went downhill.

With all due respect to Mr Miyagi who wrote the show, are you having a mid-life crisis? With so many references to days of yesteryear and your childhood (black and white tvs, Ultraman...), you alienated the rest of the audience under the age of 35!

And what was with the whole show being about free gifts and shameless plugging of sponsers? It was interesting and different at the start, but honestly, it got old very quickly. I know we need to thank our sponsers, but hey, to make your WHOLE show around it? FAIL.

And lets decide on the format. Is this a stand-up by Hossan? Or a "live" TV show with different segments? Or a musical with dance and song? I'm confused since you guys did all 3.

The jokes weren't funny (Olympics - seriously, wtf was that about?), and we were laughing at you, not with you. It felt that the jokes were more suited to be read (ala blogging), then spoken.

No, I'm not seeing it next year.

Waste of my time.

(Give me my money back) / 10.

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