Sunday, August 22, 2010


This review is going to be brief. Brief and to the point because the movie wasn't - and honestly, there is no need to talk too much about it. Its quite simple actually.

Review - on an entertainment factor, this movie was so-so. No biggie. And this movie is as complicated as your mind sees it. If you aren't a conspiratorist, its a pretty straightforward movie.

There are so many gaps in the movie. For one, they didn't explain the science. What is that box and how does it link dreams? GF and I agreed that if they had taken sometime to explain the science instead of bullshit explosion scenes, the movie might have appealed more to the boffin.

I distill the plot for you people who think too much.


At the start, DiCaprio is in level 4. Its his dream, so he can choose not to age. He finds Watanabe and it cuts immediately into flashback.

At the end, the top is slowing down and stopping. Hence he is not in dreamland anymore. He can see his kids faces, and they are dressed the same cos its a coincidence.

There. No conspiracy. No need to watch it a few times - which GF believes is the evil plot of the movie makers. Make it overly confusing so people will watch it several times. The last time some film like this happen, it was called the Matrix.


Bleargh... no biggie. Not really entertaining.

Avatar: The Movie

Caught this movie 2 weeks back.

I don't think I would have gone to watch this movie on my own accord. Firstly, I don't follow American cartoons (I hesitate to call them anime) since I discovered the much better Jap ones. I find the American cartoons weak in plot and poor in art these days (although many of them do come from the same Korean studios as their Jap cousins)

Still, due to popular vote, we went to catch the 3D version of movie with Big Ben.

My first impression after the movie was - where was the 3D besides the floating subtitles? Mumbling curses under my breath, I vowed to read reviews ahead of booking movies in the future to find out if they were filmed in 3D or just converted 3D movies.

My verdict of the movie? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Was it entertaining? Nope.

Was it bad? Nope.

Will I remember ever watching it? Nope.

Will I catch the inevitable sequels? Nope.

In fact, the reason this review took 2 weeks to write is because I only remembered I watched this movie just before writing my Inception review.


2 / 10

Wait for the "DVD".

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Boeing Boeing

Nice eye candy. Weak story.

Morale of the Story: You can cheat and still have a happy ending. =P