Monday, March 07, 2011

Black Swan & King's Speech

I caught these 2 movies over the last 2 weekends. I could clearly see why it was beyond a shadow of doubt that Colin Firth and Natalie Portman were awarded the Oscars for their portrayals.
They had the most stunning performances and realistically turned into characters with very difficult and personal issues.
I mean, Colin's stuttttter and Natalie's psychosis? Wow.

As a film, the King's Speech was an unexpected feel good film. And the best supporting should have gone to the Doctor rather than Bale. And quite surprisingly, it was refreshing to see Helena Botham Carter in a non-gothic/crazy role.
U know what. I cannot think of a bad film that Colin Firth has made. Has he really risen to the ranks of Tom Hanks? =)

A review of this film can be summarised in 2 words.
Messed up.
It was intentionally drawn out, so that the audience can fully feel and appreciate the gradual regression of Natalie's sanity, and to get totally loss in what is real and what is not because of the visions of her mind.
Mila Kunis did well in her role as the counterbalance of reality and cause of ruin of Natalie's sanity, but honestly, that role did not stretch any of her acting chops.
But was it as traumatic as some audience said it was? Nope.

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