Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Review

The first disclaimer I have to make is that I am a Potter-buff. Yep. Read all the books within the first week of their release and seen all the movies.

Perhaps that is why I felt that the movie was good not so much for entertainment value - but rather, i just HAD to watch it. Sort of closing the loop as it seems.

Ok, so the movie was so-so. And they did take many liberties with the adaptation from the book (i re-read it in 8 hours after the movie). Things like who said what, who attacked who... clearly, the focus was more on the leads, rather than the ancillary characters like Lupin, Bill Weasley etc. In fact, they cut out whole chapters from the book as well.

But then, they also kept certain small details, like how Hermoine makes little blue flames kept in jars and such. But for the most parts, the details were lost in this movie adaptation.

This first parter ends at Chapter 25 out of 36. Which makes you think that the last movie of the series is just one huge a$$ fight scene. Can't wait!

Entertaining, but more to finish the series.



shubh said...

also it means more and more screen time for the 'prince's tale'!!! that has turned out to be my ultimate favourite chapter in the entire series!!!

BDSM Slave said...

not a big fan of any of the movies...it just got worst over time though..like the movies got twisted and twisted in their own storyline that in kind of strayed away from the book..

highly disappointed, but just like you, since i am a big fan of the book, i will end up watching the last movie when it comes out. (Lol)

P.S. Enjoyed reading your thoughts.