Monday, September 13, 2010

Fried Rice Paradise

Disappointing. This musical had the unfortunate honour of being the first one that I walked out midway of.

Yep, you heard me. Walked out during intermission and never came back.


Well, the positives first.

The sets, amazing for a local production. The back up dancers, haven't seen so many in a local production ever - and they look like MediaCorp standard... but wait... this production is sponsored by the People's Association... so... hmm... maybe...

What was wrong?

The cast was a let down. Weak voices, poor acting. They seemed to be satisfied in talking amongst themselves and I ended up feeling as if I might as well be at home watching tv, and not in a musical where the interaction or even the basic requirement for the actors to face the audience when delivering the lines, should be there.

And who said Taufik could sing? Best voice of the night was definitely the Ruffian Father. For Taufik and the female lead, I strained to hear their voices, which was drowned out by the band. Unfortunately, because the voices were so weak, i could not help but think that the back up dancers were "hair-o-graphy" - required to back up the otherwise weak cast with their flashy moves and chorus.

I couldn't help but think that Dick Lee did not write FRP with the view of "Celebrating 50 Years of Racial Harmony". It just seems too contrived and I could help but keep thinking that... hmm... the Fried Rice must be halal!

Sorry, presenting FRP under this banner was the final nail in the coffin.

GF and I both felt that the musical would have been so much better had there been a stronger cast. Perhaps Lim Kay Siu to replace Lim Yu Beng? Karen Tan for female lead? Hossan to replace Sebastian Tan (who honestly - is so unconvincing as an Ah Beng - give it up dude, wah piang eh.)




T(H)(B) said...

If it was so bad, it means their marketing is superb!!

Rambling Alcoholic said...

well, different strokes for different folks i guess. some people might have liked it?