Monday, November 30, 2009

Things Women I Know Agree On

Through conversation, these are some of the things the women I know agree on.

1. That all men are asshats.

2. That the curse of Bali exists.

3. That somehow, it is worse that your bf/husband has an emotional bond with another woman than if he goes to visit a prostitute (and in both situations, get caught)

4. That its not the size of the rock that matters, but how it looks on their hand.

5. That size does matter.

6. But technique does matter more.

7. That pick-up lines don't work. Confidence and a sense of humour works better.

8. That there are things they will do for 1 man and no other (in the sack).

9. That they want to be treated like a lady.

10. But they also want to be treated as equals.

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