Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Fallen

I am confused. How could the reviewer from The Straits Times, Shin Min etc all say that this was a bad movie?

Oh, I forget, they are all the same paper.

Anyway... the movie was AWESOME!

No, I didn't think there were too many fighting scenes (eh, Transformers leh, not My Little Pony) nor too many undeveloped characters.

You must understand, Micheal Bay had to make this movie BIGGER than the previous one. Expectations had been set. In the first one, we didn't know what the robots would look like, sound, or what weapons they will use.

He needed to make it BIGGER, with more explosions, more robots (like Devastator - but it was completely different from what I would have imagined), tell us more about the Transformers race (like how they can be like Gundam and take spare parts from others of their kind), and how they can actually die (with leaking cybernetic fluid off their spinal cords - no one but Megatron died in the first film).

Yes, there were some parts which were out of story. Like how they had too many "clowns" in the movie. Sam's parents, the S7 guy, his room mate, the twins... all served to make the plot jaggered and fall apart at the climax.

But still... love it love it love it. =)

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