Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Whenever someone is wallowing in self-doubt, feeling self-pity, mired by troubles, etc... its is natural for that person to start building "walls" around themselves, in hope to heal before emerging from that carapace.

I used to do that too... but what i realised (in hindsight) is that recovery takes so much longer because when you are walled up, you tend to surround yourself with those ill-feelings that you should be getting rid off...

As such, I don't ever retreat into my shell anymore. I go out. To seek support and love from those whom I trust.

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yanny said...

that's because when you're feeling like that, you either like to be alone to self-reflect (hopefully), or do not want to appear weak in front of others.

but sometimes, it's the weaknesses which make you human, don't you think?

yes, i agree with you that the road to recovery is to open up and share. because you might find equally miserable people (misery loves company), or find the ones who can accept you for your weaknesses and support you through your toughest times.